Monday, June 1, 2009

Alrighty Then! Here We Go!

Welcome to the first Entry of my Blog...or this one anyway. In many ways this is the start of changes in my Life today....First of all. The Puppy is Supposed to Arrive today! So I for the first time in My life will be a mother of a young boy Pug puppy rescued from a Puppy Mill in Mo. My very own birth birthstate (how Ironical!).
Duncan has already named him Jango (I like the spelling Django as in Rhinhardt) for Star Wars... and as we have the cats Vader, Leia & Pahdme, the puppy should feel at home. So stay tuned....
I am also going to start on the ever present journey of losing wieght. A very dear friend is trying to start her journey on quitting smoking...chemically more diffficult the losing Each time I feel like straying I will think of her...

also having a a husband who just lost 23 pounds and can make the most KICK ASS Vegan FF brownies as the ever loving support and example should help as well

and so Wish me luck on these changes because we are social creatures and we never do anything alone....even if it feels as tho we do.

The thought for the day comes from my D..."Mommy what would you do is a champanzee was about to attack me and Fi?'......

it is weird to think we live in a state where that is a real life event...Thoughts?

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